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Busaba Eathai - Shoreditch

 At Busaba Eathai’s flagship restaurant in Shoreditch we had to design a contemporary tropical garden, incorporating a water feature, large green walls and planting evocative of Thailand.  The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok was an inspiration. The result was a restaurant chain with the atmosphere of an intimate and exclusive private members club. The plants provide a wow factor which attracts passers-by, softens the hard lines of the building and screens the restaurant opposite. 


Totos Restaurant - Knighstbridge

This exclusive Italian restaurant in Mayfair has a hidden courtyard centred upon a giant London plane tree, and is now filled with Lemon trees, festooned with Wisteria and displaying exquisite Italian pottery. Scented jasmine covers black trelliswork. The front is minimally planted. Box balls cover the doorway while Olive trees and Lavender plants flank the entrance providing a very Italian welcome. At night spotlights highlight the sculptural nature of the Olive trees.

Busaba - Kingston

At Busaba’s riverside branch in Kingston there is no road between the restaurant and the river, so planters were kept low and light and airy planting enhances the view rather than blocking it. Purple Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop' flower until November and were combined with the evergreen grass Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Goldlschleier'.

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